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Where EAST meets the Northwest

Marguerite Schummís "Exploriní Southeast" design. (Photo courtesy of Biketown)

New service area for Portlandís Biketown program. (AR Photo)

NEW BIKE WRAPS. The service area for Portlandís Biketown ride-share program has expanded again, allowing users to ride further east, west, north, and south. In addition, during Bike Month ó May ó Biketown announced the winners of its Design Challenge. One of the five winning designs was "Exploriní Southeast," which was created by Marguerite Schumm.

From The Asian Reporter, V28, #13 (July 2, 2018), page 11.

Portlandís Biketown program expands service area, adds new bike designs

The service area for Portlandís Biketown ride-share program has expanded again, allowing users to ride further east, west, north, and south. An announcement of the expansion followed a record-breaking month for Biketown during Bike Month ó May ó which offered free rides all month.

During May, riders took a total of 79,399 trips and rode 164,252 miles, which was doubled the number of trips taken in May 2017. A new one-day trip record was also set ó to a new all-time high of 4,792 trips ó on Sunday, May 27, solidly eclipsing the previous record by more than 1,000 trips.

Since the programís launch nearly two years ago, Biketown riders have taken more than 621,000 trips and ridden over 1,250,000 miles. On July 19, 2018, Biketown will celebrate its second anniversary.

Also during Bike Month, the ride-share program announced the winners of its Design Challenge as well as the top five designs. The challenge invited Oregonians to share their love of Portlandís distinctive neighborhoods by creating a unique design to become a new bike wrap.

The five original designs are being added to select bikes this summer, joining some of the other unique bike wraps, including the #BETRUE design revealed last June and the three iconic Nike sneaker themes. Ten bikes will be wrapped in each new design for a total of 50 bikes. The bikes are debuting in the neighborhood quadrant they represent.

The winning design for north Portland ó created by Teresa Bubb ó was "Ride Paul Bunyan Ride" in celebration of the statue of Paul Bunyan located in the Kenton neighborhood. Sean Lambert designed "NE Cycling Life," which represents the "controlled chaos" of intersections and city streets within the cityís vague grid system. Marguerite Schummís "Exploriní Southeast" highlights the various neighborhoods and businesses in southeast Portland. Representing northwest Portland is Renata Castroís "Colorful Portland," which features the gathering of several cultures. In southwest Portland, the "Waterfront Wanderer" by Ayla Leisure captures the modern, weird, active, adventurous, proud, kind, and dynamic nature of the city.

Highlights of the new expanded service area include:

Northeast Portland:

In northeast Portland, the service area now extends north to N.E. Jarrett between N.E. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and 33rd Avenue as well as N.E. Killingsworth between 34th Avenue and N.E. Cully Boulevard. Following Cully Boulevard to the south, the boundary extends along N.E. 57th Avenue to roughly Sandy Boulevard.

North Portland:

Biketown corrals are now available along North Killingsworth Street all the way west to N. Greeley Avenue. The service area also has been enlarged to include both Greeley and Interstate Avenues extending to the Broadway Bridge.

Southeast Portland:

The southern border of the service area includes S.E. Center Street between the waterfront and S.E. 17th Avenue as well as S.E. Gladstone Street from 17th to 52nd Avenues. The east boundary follows 52nd and 53rd Avenues north to roughly the northeast section previously mentioned near N.E. Sandy Boulevard.

Southwest & Northwest Portland:

Near downtown Portland, the west boundary has been enlarged as well. Riders are now able to park their bikes in an area confined roughly by N.W. Nicolai Street and N.W. 29th, N.W. Westover Road between N.W. Pettygrove and Flanders Streets, and S.W. Market as well as the Stadium Freeway. The area also includes a bike corral near where S.W. Washington Way and S.W. Park Place meet. (Please see the online map for specific service area borders.)

Following Bike Month, Biketown also revealed a new pricing structure. For annual members, the cost has dropped to $99 per year (prepaid) for 90 minutes of daily ride time. Those who prefer a pay-as-you-go choice, there is now an eight-cent-per-minute option. For people who want to rent a bike month-to-month, the cost is $19 per month for 90 minutes of daily ride time.

To learn more about Biketown, visit <>.

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